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“Fire” is a peculiar natural phenomenon. Fire helps humanity for cooking and also for heating the premises in cold regions. At the same time fire when accidentally happens the result will be devastating since it likely to spread very quickly causing major losses of lives and properties. We can fight the fire with prevention and also by taking a fire insurance policy from us.

These fire accidents always take place in households, school buildings, hospitals, malls, cinema theatres, industries, warehouses and other places. Fire accidents are mainly caused due to human error and lack of fire safety measures at the site infrastructure and faulty equipment.

Though most of these fire accidents can be averted with safety strategies, “ACT OF GOD” cannot be fathomed and it is essential for everyone to have a cover for fire accidents. Fire insurance is a necessary measure in order to avoid loss due to damage of property and loss of lives.

With a powerful presence in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We have provided fire insurance to numerous organisations and individuals and proved track record of providing hassle free claims over the years.

Get yourself a fire insurance / Industrial All Risks (IAR) cover from the wrath of fire with the help of Relleno.

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